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3 Elegant Skirt Ideas for Work

Fall is coming, and it is a season for a skirt. In this article, you can find skirt mix and match ideas to wear at work.

As a career woman, one of the most confusing things to solve every morning is what to wear at work. Looking professional and still fashionable is every career woman’s dream, especially in fall season when it gets between chilly and warm. One of the favorite fashion items to try this fall is a pencil skirt. Versatile and comfortable, pencil skirt can be worn in almost every situation, from work to play. If you need inspiration on mixing and matching pencil skirt with what fashion items you have in your wardrobe, read on.

1. Pick bold colors to complement your skirt

Bold colors, such as burgundy red or purple, can work well with skirts. It will fit even better if you are slim, as bright colors highlight body shape. Don’t forget to wear a handbag or shoes with the same color, making it a top to toe look. Try this combination and you will be impressed with yourself.

An attractive appearance you can get from a burgundy skirt with a white top. Adding white bag accessories adds an elegant impression to your appearance when you go to the office.

Still with a burgundy skirt design that now appears to add an elegant impression when you go to the office. With a striped boss and several accessories add even more extraordinary impression.

If you want to look elegant when going to the office, don’t forget the attractive burgundy skirt. Your perfect look with bags and sunglasses adds even more flexibility to your appearance.

It doesn’t have to be expensive when going to the office. Simple but elegant impression is created from the style of your clothes. Only with a solid shirt with a burgundy skirt, you will look attractive.

This time is the perfect blend of clothing style. The combination of a checkered top with a charming burgundy skirt can add an elegant impression and increase your confidence.

Purple skirt with purple shoes plus a black top with a slim body shape makes you look perfect when you are in the office.

Impressed elegant and simple, this design is very much in the interest of many people. Shown with a slim shape your body adds to the beauty of your dress style when going to the office.

The design of this dress style seems very unusual. With a charming purple skirt and a relaxed top that adds to the impression of your elegant style.

Created from the right color selection, this style makes it very attractive and attractive. Right if you choose purple for tops and purple skirts that make you look attractive attractive.

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2. Pair your skirt with other fashion items, such as jackets

With proper fashion items, such as jackets, your skirt will come to life better. Jackets are especially important because the weather on fall season tends to be inconsistent, with some colder days. A pencil skirt can look really gorgeous if paired with a simple top, making a case of classy businesswoman look.

Perfectly dressed in an elegant denim jacket, your black pencil skirt is an attraction when you are in the office. This look is the choice for those of you who like beauty in casual style.

Think about the weather in autumn, you should be able to integrate your dress style. With a warm jacket to cover your body, and a black leather skirt is the right choice. Plus leggings to cover the legs.

Beautiful and attractive appearance with a matching black pencil skirt with a leopard-patterned jacket makes you look elegant when going to the office. With a black hand shirt, you add to your warmth.

If you have a sexy body, you can try this style. When you go to the office this spring you can wear a furry jacket for your boss. In addition, you can also wear a black pencil skirt that helps you look elegant.

If you want to look sexy in your office you can wear this style. A warm look is created from a leather jacket and pencil skirt in black leather. You will be impressed when you are in your office this spring.

Casual look but fun created in this design. The black leather jacket that will warm the atmosphere of spring is perfectly integrated with a charming black pencil skirt. This appearance makes you more confident.

Style and uniqueness are created in this style of dress. Featuring a light black jacket with a black pencil skirt makes your movements more flexible and comfortable when in the office.

Still about the awesome spring style. This design makes you feel comfortable. With an elegant black coat jacket, combined with black semaki skirt adds to the appeal of your dress style.

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3. Use printed knee-length pencil skirt

Printed patterns, especially bright ones, can invite attention to your looks. Pair the knee-length pencil skirt with black or white top for a more subdued, conservative look. Of course, you can also mix and match various tops in your wardrobe to create a look that is unique to yourself.

Enjoy the beauty of style when going to the office with an elegant tone style. The appearance of the printed skirt and the white top wrapped in black azer further add to the extraordinary impression.

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Look simple, this design is much in demand by many women. With a lightweight black top a knee-length pencil skirt printed will add beauty when you are in the office.

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This time the leopard pattern for your pencil skirt style adds even more incredible impression. Combined with a black top that makes a classy impression for you to wear when going to the office.

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Even though it looks normal, the look of your current style of dress is the right choice. In terms of simplicity, a leopard-themed pencil skirt works well with a white top. Additional accessories add to the impression of elegance for your dress style.

Still a skirt with an animal skin complexion. This time a pencil skirt with a leopard pattern added black leggings and a black top makes you look elegant and very extraordinary.

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Not to be confused when you have a sexy body shape. Your appearance with a printed skirt and gray top plus a black blazer is enough to make you look charming.

You do not need to be confused to get style to the office with an elegant impression. This stylish look will help you look good in the office. The combination of a white shirt top and a printed pencil skirt makes you look amazing.

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Look beautiful with a black skirt printed with a long black top enough to give the impression of elegance when you are in the office. This stylish design provides comfort and adds to your confidence.

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And that’s it! We have covered the 3 most effective mix and match trick for your businesswomen look with skirts. Eager to try one yourself?

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